Welcome to my realm! My WORLD !! The World of Randomness !! Well, I’ll keep posting stuff about random things that MAY be useful .. Hope you stick to this site !! By the way thanks for visiting !!

About Me

I’m Amritanshu Ranjan , 14 years old (I was born on 6th April 2002), and most importantly … A BOY (Or MALE you can say). I live in Jaipur, that’s in Rajasthan, that’s in India. So , I’m studying in Ryan International School, Mansarovar.  Well, I’m quite good in studies. Here’s a photo of me with my school’s principal ->15540749_1192866977494710_7768596868688726391_o

Well yeah, the guy holding the certificate is ME !!

So , this is my first project with the organization FOSSASIA , and by the way this is my first time participating in Google Code-In, and this is my first time participating in the GCI , but definitely , NOT the last  😉 

If you don’t know , i want to be a good programmer (or coder, whatever you call it) once i grow up. So I , thought Google Code-In is a nice platform to start this journey (Thank You Googl). So here’s where I came to know about this organization , FOSSASIA .

Well, I liked the concept behind  FOSSASIA very much , so that’s why I’m here. Well , if you want to know more about FOSSASIA , it is an organization which bring people together to share, create, develop and make things with Open Technologies and software. They also organize science hack labs, Open Tech events, meetups, coding contests (well, that’s what motivated me to involve with them) and internship programs with developers, designers and contributors from around the world.

Well, I would like to thank FOSSASIA & Googlfor giving a platform like this to student like us !!

If YOU got motivated after reading my blog, then what’re you waiting for ?? Join IMMEDIATELY !! This’ ll Help You ->

FOSSASIA’s website -> Fossasia’s Homepage

FOSSASIA’s Google Code-In Student website -> Fossasia GIC





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